Be part of the largest e-commerce platform in Central Europe

Offer your portfolio to up to 60 million customers

We will show your product portfolio to MALL customers

Take advantage of our transport and network of up to 1000+ pick-up points

We simply connect small and large sellers

Become part of the MALL Group

700 mil
EUR in sales in 2019
countries in central and eastern Europe
9 mil
orders in 2019
pick-up points in central and eastern Europe
partners in the MALL Partner Program
Milions products from MALL partners

There is a place for everyone at MALL

We sell everything from car radios to juggling skittles

In any segment you sell, we will be happy to include you in our offer. Didn't find your category? Never mind, we will be happy to create it for you.

We simply connect small and large sellers

Everyone can easily connect to us and present their product portfolio. It's not necessary to have your own e-shop or IT specialists.

How to start selling on MALL

Registration form
Enter company data
Activate the Partner Portal
Email confirmation and first login
Establishing cooperation
Agreeing to terms and conditions

Costs and fees

Partner costs are structured into three levels.


The MALL Marketplace model is based on the method of direct sale of goods to the end customer and their subsequent purchase from you, our partner, at sales prices from the website reduced by the agreed margin.

Flat fee

Partner pays MALL a monthly rate of 40 EUR without VAT regardless of the number of products and variants offered. In case of manual products managing (Manul Input) the partner pays MALL a monthly rate of 12 EUR without VAT.

Fee for realized order

For each order placed through our site we charge a fee of 0,40 EUR regardless of the number of products in the order.

Principles of partnership

Full marketing support

Offer your products in the MALL shopping gallery

Full Customer Support

MALL provides


We will show you to a wide audience in the form of sophisticated online and offline marketing tools.


We will include your products in campaigns like Black Friday.

Receiving returned items

The customer does not like the goods? Never mind. The network of our stores or our customer service will help with the returning.


MALL Transport and Self-billing will simplify your daily operations.

Customer service

We provide comprehensive local support for customers.

Partner provides

Product appearance

You create product content, upload your own images, and add parameter values.

Portfolio news

Offer the latest products whether you're a manufacturer or a supplier.

Discount events

Show all customers where to shop at the best prices. Your products can easily become bestsellers.


You ship goods from the comfort of your warehouse while maintaining well-established processes.

Customer satisfaction

You make sure that the customer gets the best service and receives their order within the set deadline.